…revelations realized within the youth of the sixties in their search for true and lasting peace, love, and BROTHERHOOD of INNER MAN.

A Note From The Author


This true account not only describes personal experiences but the coming of age of a generation. One of the goals while writing the book was to address negative impressions some people may have about the sixties phenomenon. I’ll be the first to admit we weren’t perfect…but who or what is? I truly believe that if the youth and free thinkers of the counter-culture movement had not been systematically undermined¬†and discredited by the government and mainstream society our world would be a much different place today. Conflicts in the name of religion or vague “national interests” would be crimes against humanity, destruction of the environment for profit declared a serious health threat and the welfare of ALL mankind given the highest priority.

Clearly the concerns of the past are relevant in the present. Society still struggles with war, drug law issues, ecological devastation, corporate greed and corrupted politicians whose actions have brought us the conditions we are living with today…all of which the youth of the sixties warned of and resisted nearly fifty years ago.

So here we are. What’s the answer? What do we do now?

Truth is eternal, whether a thousand years or fifty. My hope is that STORM RIDERS: MESSENGERS OF CHANGE transcends time and once again propels the sixties PEACE, LOVE and BROTHERHOOD aspirations onto the forefront as we all continue life’s journey together as one.


-B.A. Freeman

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